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Terms of Service



We reserve for typographical errors, errors in information and errors in specifications on any of our catalog where items and services. All images are just illustrations.

Order & Payment

All orders made via the Internet. We can imot orders by phone but then billed the client via email and the order is processed at the paid invoice. We do not accept orders via regular mail, fax, unless otherwise determined. Orders made in another person's name without his consent, or otherwise as a result we are suffering financial or other harm to the police. Payment is via cash on delivery, prepayment, and shortly card payments.

Delivery times

Delivery time is normally 1-6 days. In the longer delivery time announced customer for this order. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to change an order for content to equal / better to be without prejudice to the price the customer received confirmation, or spread a non-deliverable being of the order, and then of course the price reduction of the same. Wish customer then order another or that product is to be considered as a new order. If buyers believe that delivery is delayed in such a way that he no longer wishes delivery of the order, it is the buyer's responsibility to cancel those orders in accordance with these Conditions before making of orders occurs. Partial delivery of orders occurs only at the request and causes a further delivery cost for customer.


All deliveries are made by us chosen shipper, according to the method of delivery which is presented before the completion of the order, usually item, and will be charged according to the freight forwarder's current price list according to the assessment of this shipper provides. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the address reported to us when ordering is correct, and that the buyer, after we executed the order to follow up the delivery of the freight forwarder, and ensure that the delivery be collected / received on the collection site within a reasonable time from the dispatch, typically nine (9) days of dispatch. We can deliver all over the world. Eat Sleep Skate is not responsible for any transport damage, contact the shipper.


All prices listed on our pages based on cash payment unless otherwise agreed. With the cash is for payment on delivery (ie, payment on delivery) or alternatively direct payment / advance. Shipping costs will all orders according to the method of calculation applicable to the selected mode. We advise not of price changes in the market, why the price applicable at the order also applies at the time of delivery. Products without price refers to "price on request". That is to say that the product is under development and not available in the store, or that the price varies depending on certain parameters.

Change of order

Customer course up to the point orders effected entitled, at no cost to him other than the price difference be, change their orders, with the reservation of a customer ordered product which not kept in stock. When changing to be on the order of the price that is current at the time of the change. Note that the orders already shipped out from our system for obvious reasons can not be changed.


Cancellation of orders is possible without costing the customer until the time order is effected. Effectuating is usually made by the invoice and shipping documents are created. Cancellation after the order is effected is not possible. You, the customer is in case we have effected your order in all cases obliged to receive the shipment. Cancellation of non stock items which have been purchased or manufactured specifically for the customer is not possible after we ordered the same item from our supplier or manufactured that product themselves. Cancellation is not valid until confirmation thereof is received by us.


In case of dispute where the buyer is a private individual, our policy is to always follow the National Board (ARN) recommendations. Any dispute between two or more companies is decided that rule in court.

Force majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, strikes, government decisions, failed deliveries from subcontractors, costly event, and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and pledges from our side, that allows us not keep that agreement / pledge, should constitute the basis that we are released from our obligations to fulfill that contract.